Bar B


Bar B

For all the meat lovers with a knack for beer, we have a unique bar for you right in the center of Amsterdam! 

Next to some very nice appetizers such as beef carpaccio, Buffalo chicken wings or our special homemade onion soup with caramelized onions, we have a wide Burger selection menu.

You can choose straight off the menu, or 
put your own burger together including beef, bread, toppings, side dishes and sauces.

The Build-a-Burger menu consists of 

-4 types of bread (white, brown, brioche, lettuce)
-12 types of beef (also vegetarian choices!)
-4 types of side dishes (mix and match with fries, salad, nacho's and onion rings)
-29 types of toppings (such as jalapeños, Jack Daniels onions, grilled vegetables and goose liver)
-16 types of sauces (including truffle mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, onion salsa and sweet chili).

And to top your burger off, a perfect beer out of our international selection!
A nice Budweiser with our American Special Burger? A Cruz Campo beer with the Spanish Special, or a relaxing cannabis beer with the Amsterdam Special Burger? Everything is possible and our team is happy to help you choose.
And if you have a special taste for Heineken beer, we have 2 unique 'Tap Tables' where you have your own beer tap right on your table, to tap at own will!

So if you're in the mood for some beers, some burgers and a good time, pay us a visit and we'll show you why we have THE BEST BURGERS IN TOWN!




vrijdag                  12:00–03:00

zaterdag              12:00–03:00

zondag                12:00–01:00

maandag             12:00–01:00

dinsdag               12:00–01:00

woensdag            12:00–01:00

donderdag            12:00–01:00