DeLaMar theater


DeLaMar theater

DeLaMar is the theatre in the heart of Amsterdam. Whether you like musicals, cabaret or music. DeLaMar Theater bids you a warm welcome.

We love our history, which goes back to Wim Kan and Wim Sonneveld. We love our building with its red chairs and gold-framed stage. We love our staff, our actors and of course our guests. But we also love theatre in our everyday life. Singing cyclists and dancing couples. Canals filled with boats and pilots for kings. We believe theatre makes life that much better. That is why we put the theatre around us in the limelight. Whether your stage is the street or hall one.

DeLaMar has a theater history that appeals to the imagination. Big names such as Wim Kan, Wim Sonneveld and Freek de Jonge performed in the former Nieuwe de la Mar Theater on Leidsebuurt. In 1987, the theater teamed up with the adjacent Bellevue, creating the Bellevue/Nieuwe de la Mar theater combination. However, after years of beautiful performances, it became clear that the building was in need of a thorough renovation. At the request of the municipality of Amsterdam, the VandenEnde Foundation came up with a plan for the renovation of the Nieuwe De La Mar theater and the adjacent cinemas. Finally, on September 9, 2008, the first pile was driven into the ground. On November 28, 2010, the then Queen Beatrix opened the new building, which was renamed DeLaMar Theater. Since then, the public can once again enjoy beautiful musicals, impressive theater and hilarious cabaret. Major successes include the summer comedies with Tjitske Reidinga and the musical He believes in me, based on the life of André Hazes.